***Three Myths of Sexual Desire

15) There seems to be some claims that celibacy lengthens one's lifespan and even stops the aging process. I think this effect depends on many other factors as well.

Myth #2: Marriage (or long-term partnership) means the end of sex. This myth is especially widespread in popular culture. How often do you hear marriage and commitment described as the one surefire way to kill your sex life? How often do (apparently well-meaning) people cheerfully tell expecting parents that “once that kid comes, you can say goodbye to sex”? Hearing all this, you may think that once you make a commitment to another person, you have no choice but to hang up your sexy hat and settle for a passionless existence. This myth is particularly sneaky, because there is a grain of truth in all the fear-mongering: sexual desire (when nothing is done to sustain it) does have a tendency to decline over time.

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