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However, once one learns how to redirect one's sexual energy instead of losing vital sexual fluids, one discovers a much better way to live, and all those limiting natural laws and wasteful materialistic addictions can be transcended into a vastly superior, even God-like (centripetal) way of thriving. The sex force in a healthy person is so strong, that to redirect that force so that no vital fluids are ever lost again, would be as involved as changing the course of a massive river so that instead of it uselessly flowing into the sea, it is dammed up, stored in a huge lake, and then channeled through an immense hydroelectric generator. Massive energy can come from it in the form of tremendous, everlasting fulfillment instead of the usual temporary and inferior "fulfillment" of the common "procreational" style of sex or masturbation followed by days of emptiness and boredom. What is really more practical? Certainly not regular sex after experiencing all the awesome and magical benefits of holistic celibacy!

So, if desire isn’t burning hot anymore in your relationship, remember that this happens to most couples and it’s not something to be ashamed of. Nor does it mean that you don’t love each other enough. In fact, expecting love alone to magically provide sexual desire in a long-term relationship is simply unrealistic. The bottom line is that sexual desire needs help from both partners to keep burning hot.

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Our relationship has had a lot of ups and downs. It started because I got pregnant and he decided that staying with me was the right thing to do. So at first he was not in love with me but he did fall in love with me. Our sex life has been very bad because I have no sex drive (even before he was cheating). When we do have sex I have always enjoyed it.