Dry Orgasm – Normal Or Not?

Obviously this wonderful achievement of holistic celibacy is not simple and easy for adolescents and adults, otherwise everyone would simply stay celibate and just float away into bliss. Nature cannot allow that to happen otherwise all worldly interest and activity would stop. Nature has placed a built-in "anti-escape" mechanism to prevent everyone in the world from having too much fun and to keep the soul deeply entrenched and grounded in the body, otherwise everyone could get too intensely high to care enough about the essential game of survival. And of course, if all or most people stopped loosing sexual fluids it could mean an end to most forms of human reproduction and therefore the emancipation of the environment from the destructive forces of overpopulation. All physical bodies are naturally genetically programed to reproduce themselves with as many mates as possible and as often as possible. After too long a period of sexual abstinence and sexual energy build-up, the soul would be much more likely to escape from the physical body and be able to find refuge in an inner paradise free of all the terrible limitations and afflictions of the physical world. Competition, natural selection and other developmental evolutionary forces would no longer have enough influence. The "centrifugal" pull of Mother Nature (Maya) is a "necessary evil" used by nature as a strong, overwhelming compulsion to relieve one's self of sexual fluids either with a partner or without in order to keep one quite materialistic, competitive, possessive, addicted, stuck and grounded to the physical world throughout one's lifetime.

Sexual desire is complex. It’s influenced by a lot of different factors: health and medications; stress; the quality of your relationship; your and your partner’s sexual skills; trust and communication; and many more. And there is also the nature of sexual desire itself, which thrives on mystery, excitement, and unpredictability. These qualities are in short supply in long-term, committed relationships. If you don’t believe me, just think back to the early days of your relationship. Remember just how easy it was to feel hot for each other in those giddy days of novelty and mutual exploration.

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